Sons Of Anarchy Cake

My brother’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I wanted to make him a special cake. As I though of all the shows he loved (Bones, House, and Scrubs), then I thought of a perfect cake to make for him, a Sons of Anarchy Cake. This cake was easy to make. For the Son’s of Anarchy Crew and logos I found images online and cut them out. While lamenting them is not necessary I decided to do it anyway (I figured he wanted to keep them). I found laminating sheets at Hobby Lobby on sale for only 50 cents a sheet. After I got done laminating it I taped skewers on the back so they could stick into the cake.

Then I bake a cake in a 13×9 inch pan as direct by box. After the cake has cooled I frostedthe cake. At this point add any writing on the cake with a tip 4, but this is optional. I pre wrote the words with a skewer and traced them with frosting. Finally I added a shell border with tip 21. I suggest frosting the cake, writing, adding a shell border, and then adding your print outs in this order to avoid sticking your in the cake (I have done this before). While this show is not family friendly my brother and I love it. This cake makes a perfect birthday cake or a great dessert to bring to SOA Premier party  (It returns September 6th on FX). If you have great cake ideas or tips please share them with me!


2 thoughts on “Sons Of Anarchy Cake

  1. Please help me, My Birthday is January 25th, this Friday,

    I Loveee that Birthday cake above with all the mens Pictures on it from Sons of Anarchy !
    I need to find a Soa Birthday cake with the Faces of Opie,Jax,tic ,jems etc… on it, And I need Soa Party plates,cups etc…
    DO you know where i can get them ?

    Please respond soon before This Friday January 25th, Thank You So much : )

    • I love your idea for a SOA birthday party. I originally made the cake for my brother’s birthday, but I could not find any cups, napkins, table cloths or anything so I just made a cake. If I were to plan a party I would stick with a “club theme” party. The color themes I would use would be black, silver, and red. I would get some black table cloths at the dollar store, but keep in mind that you may need two due to the thickness so that the table does not show through. Next would be cups. I would buy Black cups and print out some SOA Logos and glue them on. I would use the reaper, Men of MAYHEM patch, or the SAMCRO Logo try searching on yahoo images for the pictures you want.To glue them on try a glue stick or glue tape (Try searching Staples® Roll-On Permanent Glue Tape for an idea of what it is). Next I would alternate black and silver plates or bowls for a good look. For images of Faces of Opie,Jax,tic ,jems etc look on yahoo. It may be a pain but these details are worth the work
      Depending on how far you want to take your SOA party there is a SOA apt on mobile device that have recipes for Chucky’s Chili Recipe,Chucky’s Fudge Recipe, Bobby’s Banana Bread Recipe on it. I think this apt is 1.99, but is is worth the money. Also add coordinating napkins in it. If you were to go down the chili route I would get some metal pails and fill them with crackers, cheese sticks, peanuts with shells on them (one pail for each food). I hope this message makes sense and was helpful (I just got off work). I hope you post pictures of your party and that you have a Happy Birthday! My best advise is to watch SOA while creating you party decor and when in doubt ask WWGD (What Would Gemma do). FYI I saw Life size cardboard cutouts of SOA Members online (Yes once I get a party Idea in my head I get a little obsessive).

      Happy Birthday!

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