Strawberry Cake

I was at Sam’s Club and I saw a beautiful strawberry cake. I thought to myself I could easily make a cake similar to that. To start off I made two round white cakes. I bought strawberry gel at Walmart (it was by the bakery) and mixed fresh. I piped cool whip on the top of the first cake one inch (inward) from the side and filled it with the strawberry gel mixture. The reason why you do this is when you put the second cake on top of the first one it will not slid out of the edges. If it does slide just clean off the side of the cake (this has happened to me several times). The refrigerate the cake for one hour. Take the cake out of the fridge and frosting it with cool whip. If you have leftover strawberry gel mixture put it in the center of the cake and use the tip 1M (cup cupcake tip) and make a border around it. Do not forget to refrigerate this cake.  


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