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Hello! It has been a wile since I have blogged, but now I am excited to share with you that I have moved to jennymarie.net have made many changes and improvements to my new sight and I hope everyone will come and visit!

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Sons Of Anarchy Cake

My brother’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I wanted to make him a special cake. As I though of all the shows he loved (Bones, House, and Scrubs), then I thought of a perfect cake to make for him, a Sons of Anarchy Cake. This cake was easy to make. For the Son’s of Anarchy Crew and logos I found images online and cut them out. While lamenting them is not necessary I decided to do it anyway (I figured he wanted to keep them). I found laminating sheets at Hobby Lobby on sale for only 50 cents a sheet. After I got done laminating it I taped skewers on the back so they could stick into the cake.

Then I bake a cake in a 13×9 inch pan as direct by box. After the cake has cooled I frostedthe cake. At this point add any writing on the cake with a tip 4, but this is optional. I pre wrote the words with a skewer and traced them with frosting. Finally I added a shell border with tip 21. I suggest frosting the cake, writing, adding a shell border, and then adding your print outs in this order to avoid sticking your in the cake (I have done this before). While this show is not family friendly my brother and I love it. This cake makes a perfect birthday cake or a great dessert to bring to SOA Premier party  (It returns September 6th on FX). If you have great cake ideas or tips please share them with me!

Bones Cake

My brother and I love the show Bones. So one year for his birthday I made him a Bones cake.  He absolutely LOVED it so here are the instructions on how to make your very own Bones cake.


4 cans of frosting
Cake decorating bags
Cake Decorating tips 12, 21, and 4
Popsicle Sticks
Toy Skeleton
Picture of Booth and Bones


Step 1: Bake a cake in a 13×9 inch pan as direct by box
Step 2: After the cake has cooled frosting the cake
Step 3: Create a rectangle out of frosting with tip 12 for the grave
Step 4: Scrape the centers out of the oreos and crush them to look like dirt.
Step 5: Sprinkle the oreos over the rectangle that is the grave outline
Step 6: Place the skeleton in the grave and add a little crushed oreo on top of the skeleton
Step 7: Find a picture of Bones and Booth, print and cut it out
Step 8: Tape the pictures on the popsicle sticks and place them on the cake
Step 9: At this point add any writing on the cake with a tip 4, but this is optional
Step 10: Finally do a shell border with tip 21 and your cake will be done

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DIY projects and crafts

Bow Tie Pasta

I love making felt food. Felt food is cheap to make and is a better alternative to buying “store bought” toys for children. While this would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift (yes, I said the “C” word, a word we are not allowed to say until a few week before Thanksgiving). For this project you will need felt scraps, scrapbook paper and an old pasta box.

I pinched the squares in the middle and sewed them in place. Then I covered the box and scrapbook paper and filled it with pasta. This would make such a cute birthday gift for kids. Do be careful what age you give this gift too because the pasta can be a choking hazard. Happy Crafting 🙂

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Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Organize and Decorate Everything

Organize and Decorate Everything
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Cookie Monster Cupcakes

On an earlier post I made I cookie monster cake for my cousin’s birthday. I also made cookie monster cupcakes to go along with it. I first cut 1/4 of a chips ahoy normal size cookie off so that there would be a flat edge then I inserted the flat edge into the cupcake. Then I took a grass tip (tip 233) and made the fur. I used the round tip (tip 12) and made the white eyes and added the black of the eye with a smaller tip. I do warn you if you are decorating the cake the night before do not decorate with black or white frosting because it will bleed. I added the eyes on the day of the party.  In the middle I used tip 1M to make the swirl and crushed up a cookie and sprinkled it on there and added the candles.

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Lemon Cake

With spring almost here I always look for desserts that that have a lighter flavor. The cake I made here is a lemon cake (I used box mix and frosting). I simply frosted the cake and added a shell border (tip 21). To top it off I twisted a slice of lemon and added mint leaves. Although I did not do this last time I would suggest refrigerating your cake




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Serenity you

Strawberry Cake

I was at Sam’s Club and I saw a beautiful strawberry cake. I thought to myself I could easily make a cake similar to that. To start off I made two round white cakes. I bought strawberry gel at Walmart (it was by the bakery) and mixed fresh. I piped cool whip on the top of the first cake one inch (inward) from the side and filled it with the strawberry gel mixture. The reason why you do this is when you put the second cake on top of the first one it will not slid out of the edges. If it does slide just clean off the side of the cake (this has happened to me several times). The refrigerate the cake for one hour. Take the cake out of the fridge and frosting it with cool whip. If you have leftover strawberry gel mixture put it in the center of the cake and use the tip 1M (cup cupcake tip) and make a border around it. Do not forget to refrigerate this cake.